Passover Reflections

Pesach (Passover) Shemot (Exodus) 13:17–15:26 Haftarah: 2 Samuel 22:1–51 This week there is a special reading for the seventh day of Passover (the last day), which according to tradition, is the day God parted the … Read More

Passover: A New Meaning for Our Time

On Wednesday evening this coming week, my family and I will have the privilege to join Jewish people around the world in an ancient tradition called Passover. This feast of remembrance, which God instructed Moses … Read More

Pesach (Passover) Reflections

This week we are in the midst of celebrating Pesach (Passover), and the weekly reading is a special one for Shabbat, “Chol HaMoed Pesach” from Exodus. As we are on the theme of Passover, I … Read More

A Living Testimony

As I wrote in my most recent blog, Telling Our Children His story…, I believe that the LORD instructed us to tell our children of all that He has done. It is important to tell … Read More

Shabbat of Unleavened Bread

בס״ד Shabbat of Unleavened Bread Exodus 12:21-51 Maftir: Numbers 28:16-25 Haftarah: Joshua 3:5-7, 5:2-6:1, 6:27 This Shabbat is the First Day of Unleavened Bread and therefore it would be treated as a Shabbat no matter … Read More

Shabbat Chol HaMoed Pesach

בס”ד Shabbat Chol HaMoed Pesach Torah Reading: Exodus 33:12-34:26 Maftir: Numbers 28:19-25 Haftarah: Ezekiel 37:1-14 This Shabbat is the Shabbat which occurs during the festival of Unleavened Bread. Since this Shabbat is part of the … Read More