Hamas Terrorists Open Fire on IDF

Hamas fighters opened fire into Israel from the border on the northern part of Gaza Strip. Those targeted in the attack were unharmed. Please continue to pray for protection over Israel along this border during … Read More

Mortars Fired from Gaza at Southern Israel

Please continue to pray for those living in southern Israel as 25 mortars were just fired into Israel from Gaza. Although many of the mortars were intercepted, some did land in two Israeli communities near … Read More

Fires Break Out Throughout Israel

Several wildfires broke out throughout Israel; due to the intense heat and high winds, these fires are rapidly spreading. This presents a difficult challenge to the nation’s fire fighters. Please pray that these fires will … Read More

Rioting on the Border

Please pray for peace along the border with Gaza as thousands of Gazans riot, even sending kids across the border to provoke the IDF.

Explosion Along Border with Gaza

After an explosive device was detonated against their military jeep while on patrol, 4 Israeli soldiers were wounded along the Gaza border fence. Please pray for protection along the border and for God to guide … Read More


An Israeli is in critical condition following a stabbing attack in the Judea and Samaria region of Israel. He was stabbed multiple times in the upper body. The attacker has been neutralized. Please pray for … Read More

Drive by Terrorist Attack

An Israeli man was killed in a drive by terrorist attack near a town in the Samaria region of Israel. Please pray for those affected including those medics who sought to save the man’s life … Read More

Rockets fired

Multiple rockets fired from terror groups in Gaza have landed along Israel’s southwestern border in the past day. Please join us in prayer for God’s continued protection in the region.