April 1, 2013

Canada Student Association Endorses Boycotting Israel: The largest student association in Canada is now endorsing the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. York University’s student association now joins with the University of Toronto and Concordia University’s graduate student associations in endorsing the BDS movement. The campaign is calling for universities to divest from companies that do business with Israel and to cut ties with Israeli academics. Please pray that this campaign would be shown for what it truly is and that students’ eyes would be opened to the truth.  Please also pray that God would protect Israel from the effects of the BDS movement and would actually bless Israel even more in the face of international double standards. Lastly, please pray that God would bless those who are blessing Israel and that Israel would discover their Messiah through the many believers who continue to bless her. For more, see Canada BDS

Jordan and the Palestinian Authority Sign Pact on Jerusalem: Jordan’s King Abdullah and the Palestinian Authority’s Abbas signed an agreement to protect Jerusalem’s Christian and Muslim holy sites. This agreement also reiterated Palestinian sovereignty over East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The state of such sites in Jerusalem is actually supposed to be decided in talks with Israel. Please pray that both Israel and the Palestinians would realize that the Holy City is not to be divided and realize the repercussions of such. Please also pray that God would bring His peace to Jerusalem and not some sort of false peace of the world. Lastly, please pray that all of Jerusalem, Jew and non-Jew alike, would come to know their Messiah and turn to Him. For more, see Pact on Jerusalem

Passover Holiday Coming to A Close: The Passover holiday will be coming to a close today. Though this is not as big a celebration as the opening of Passover, it is still a time in which people can reflect on God’s redemption. Please pray that the holiday will come to a close peacefully and that many will consider the God who redeems them and turn to Him as their Messiah. Please also pray that many would carry this understanding into the rest of the year and that believers would shine their light at the start of this new season.

Please continue to pray for the Body of Messiah in Israel as Israel is facing uncertain times; please pray we will be a great source of blessing to all Israel and that through our witness, many in Israel will come to know their Messiah.  Please pray for strength, courage, gentleness, and boldness in our witness to our neighbors who do not yet know Yeshua.

Thank you for praying and standing with Israel! Chag Sameach…

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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