A Great Danger!

A Great Danger!

In those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat.  There I will enter into judgment against them concerning my inheritance, my people Israel, for they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.” Joel 3:1-2

Imagine you just received news that someone close to you is in great danger.  You know that if this person would be in a certain place, at a specific time, he may lose his life. What would you do in such a situation? Would you be quiet? Would you sit still knowing that he would certainly face a great amount of pain and die? Or would you do anything within your power to warn him and by doing so save him?

If your answer is that you would do whatever it would take to save this person, then keep reading! I am writing this not from a political point of view, but rather a Biblical one.

With all the craziness happening around the world, it is very clear that the pressure Israel is under to further divide the Land (God’s Land), including Jerusalem, is about to intensify. The Middle East is like a grenade – very volatile and ready to blow at any moment.  The fear of war, or in other words, “man’s fear”, is growing and many believe in the lie that if Israel will only give up more Land, it will bring peace.

The reason I call this a ‘lie’ is that history has proven otherwise.  Since we (Israel) gave up the Gaza strip, we have seen nothing but trouble from terrorists whose only goal is to wipe Israel off the map; we gave up the Sinai Desert for peace with Egypt, and the only thing we hear more of from Egypt is that they may cancel their peace treaty with us. The reality is that the agenda of God’s enemies is to see Israel pushed into the sea, never to live again.

The majority of the world is blind; they do not see the truth of the situation in Israel nor do they want to believe it. However, for anyone who considers him or herself a follower of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah, these events should be a wakeup call that something is stirring in the Spiritual Realm and we are to do something about it.

I began by asking what you would do if you knew that someone you cared about was in great danger.  Well, my beloved brothers and sisters, we followers of the Messiah are in great danger.

God’s Word from Joel clearly states that He will bring judgment upon those who divide His Land. This does not only apply to the politicians and world leaders who are concocting this plan; it also applies to those who remain silent about what the Word says concerning it.  Do you care? Are you warning them? Are you doing whatever it is within your power to warn them, to warn the people in your country, to warn your Government against the Judgment that they will bring on your own country?

I would like to leave you with two thoughts:

1. If you witnessed a crime and did nothing about it, it’s as if you took part in that crime isn’t it? There is a crime being done by the nations of the world with regard to Israel… what are you doing about it?

2. Although the Word says that His Land will be divided – and it has already begun – we are still responsible to speak the truth and warn those who are not aware of it.  Are you willing to be the unpopular one in your social circles for the sake of the truth?

My heart’s desire is to seek the Lord’s mercy for us and those around us; through our crying out to Him and speaking the truth, may we see an extra amount of grace in our day and age.

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4 Comments on “A Great Danger!”

  1. For immediate action, thing like political issue such as this which just the few powerful and people in authority are in control, it is correct, right and good to offer the matter in prayer to the One G_d who has all the Power and the Only Authority. The Lord G_d we trust knows no distance and is never incapable to do anything, particularly, to give favor to us, to respond to our petitions, from us who trust in Him.

  2. I pray for Isreal and I will continue to pray. I pray that God touch President Obama’s heart and do the right by the Isrealites. God bless our country in this time.

  3. Amen Moran! We will be praying, and I already signed an American Center for Law & Justice petition to be delivered to the president that clearly states the American people do not support a return to pre-1967 borders in Israel. I will be speaking the truth in love to all who will listen. Thank you for your heart for your people and for our Messiah! Standing with you in prayer…

  4. So what should we do? Is your group planning a protest in California? I attend a pro Israel really in Los Angeles a while back but I was the only one from my Messianic congregation who went.
    I’m attending an Israel Expo in Orange County through the Jewish Federation & Family Services organization this Sunday, 5/22, to show my support. I’ve told other people but of course I’ve only heard a few say they are going.
    What else can we do? I’d be happy to attend another rally.

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