A Call for God’s Followers

In my last blog, Current Events (Part 2), I wrote “We fear terror and that causes us not to walk on the streets and to “watch our backs”, but in reality more people are killed and injured every year in Israel because of car accidents than any of the terror attacks, so does that mean that we won’t drive in the streets?” That was in response to some of my kids’ questions about the current round of terrorism that Israel is facing.

However, as I was thinking about the struggle of fear, I was reflecting upon the fact that many brothers and sisters, who are true followers of the Messiah, are allowing the fear of the world to affect their lives, and by doing so are missing a great opportunity to be a blessing and a testimony to the people of Israel in the times when it’s most needed.

One of the most common questions I am asked when encouraging people to come to Israel is, “Is it safe?” First, let me say that it is a very valid question and by writing this blog I have no intention to judge anyone who fears coming to Israel. Instead, I want to exhort each of us to think about this: When we allow the fear of terror to prevent us from coming to Israel, we are missing the mark of God’s call on our lives as followers of the Messiah. In fact, Psalm 122:4 says, “It is to there (Jerusalem) that the tribes go up, the tribes of God; a testimony of Israel to give thanks to the Name of the Lord.” As I stated in a previous blog on Psalm 122, I believe it is prophetic which speaks not only about the past and present, but also the future.

May I encourage you brothers and sisters to understand that coming to Israel is not just for your own benefit, but also for the purpose of being a living testimony to the people of Israel, and to provoke them to jealousy as Rav Shaul (Paul) wrote in Romans 11? We followers of the Messiah claim that we believe in the One and Only true God, yet at times our actions show something else. How will the people of Israel be provoked to jealousy, and see that we trust our God, if we are too afraid to come here and show them His love? Do not underestimate the lasting impression you leave on many Israelis when they see Believers in Yeshua refusing to let terrorism and unrest keep them from coming to Israel…it’s astounding!

My brothers and sisters, I am calling you to take that step and show your faith to my people simply by coming to Israel, being a living testimony, and not allowing the enemy to bring victory in your lives by holding you captive to fear.

Shabbat Shalom,


I would like to invite you on one of two very special tours that I will personally lead: the first one is our annual experience Israel tour in March https://hope4israel.org/experience-israel-tour-2/ and the second is a special tour that we are doing for Congregational leaders and Pastors in February www.toursofhope.net





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2 Comments on “A Call for God’s Followers”

  1. Thank you for the challenge, Bro Moran. Praise the L-RD, we are in HIM forever, Israel is forever.

  2. Shalom, thank you Moran for such balanced teaching from your website, we are one with you in heart and prayer. You were kind enough to give us an hour of your time last year to hear your heart and mind and the work you are engaged in. We are friends of Mechthi Self and live in Bath , England. We are still hopeful that maybe one day you will be able to speak in our church and other groups we are involved in on a visit to England. My husband and I and two other friends with whom we worked in the Garden Tomb have just booked our flights and accommodation for next April to visit and we won’t be put off!
    Bless you and your team, we keep you all and your country and Prime Minister in our prayers. We have a prayer for Israel once a month to which more and more people are coming.

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