Yesterday’s attack by Hezbollah kills 2 IDF soldiers

The sequence of events that led to the death of two Israeli soldiers and seven more wounded after an anti-missile rocket hit the army truck they were in. On January 18, six Hezbollah members and an Iranian general were killed in Syria strike attributed to Israel. On Tuesday afternoon, two rockets were fired into the Golan Heights from Syria and Israel returned fire. Wednesday morning, Hezbollah fired the rocket at the Israeli tank killing and injuring the soldiers. For the next few hours, Israel and Hezbollah fired back on forth a few times with no other injuries on the Israeli side. Hezbollah made a public statement that they do not wish to continue retaliation with Israel so the fighting has ceased in the meantime. Please pray for the families and loved ones of the soldiers who were killed. One officer was a young husband and father of a baby girl. Pray for the political situation, that it will not deteriorate in the coming days or weeks. Pray for God’s hand of protection and wisdom for the military and political leaders making important decisions.

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