Weekend Attacks

Just this Sunday morning, already four Israelis were injured after a car ramming attack at the Tapuach Junction in Judea and Samaria. Two pedestrians in their 20’s were seriously injured when they were ran over by a car as they were waiting for a ride at a hitchhiking junction. A pregnant woman in her 20’s was also lightly injured to her stomach in the attack. Another man was injured after being shot in the foot. Police are still verifying where the shot came from and if it was an accident by the police who were aiming at the driver. The attacker was reportedly killed.

Over the weekend on Friday, a 19-year old IDF soldier was seriously wounded when a Palestinian man shot him in his upper body in a town north of Hebron. He still remains in the hospital under serious condition. Following the shooting at a different located in Judea and Samaria, there was a knife attack of an Israeli civilian by a young Palestinian boy in the parking lot of a grocery store. The Israeli suffered moderate-severe wounds and is being treated at the hospital. The attacker escaped and discovered soon after once his video he posted to facebook before the attack in confession of his act. He turned himself in to the Palestinian authorities.

That evening, two more young Israelis were shot near the Cave of Patriarchs, one in serious condition. In a separate instance on Friday, IDF soldiers shot and killed an Palestinian woman aged 72 whom they suspected of attempting to run over them. They found a large commando knife in her bag following.

Friday was full of attacks, one after the other. As much as Israelis are hopeful that the attacks will soon fade, there is much evidence to the contrary. As always, we ask for your prayers for the injured who are still receiving treatment at the hospital. We pray for quick and skillful hands of the doctors who are working to save the lives of the wounded. We continue to pray for the police and IDF forces who are on the front lives daily risking their lives to protect the Israeli public. We ask for a miracle of reconciliation and unification between the ever-dividing populations of Arabs and Israelis in the land. We ask that God would reveal Himself and bring light, forgiveness, and softened hearts to the people of Israel.

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