War of Propaganda


It is becoming more and more clear through the media (i.e. published articles, books, videos, etc.) that the heated debate surrounded Israel has become one full of of distorted truths, false reporting, violations of ethical journalism and outright lies. It is becoming extremely difficult to make clear judgements about truth and justice because the our sources of information can not always be trusted. It is very important to first and foremost, build our views and understanding of the world through the teachings of God’s Word, but we must also we very aware, critical and careful about how and from whom we digest information. Please pray for the hearts and minds of all of those who live in the nations, but are seeking to understand the complex history and present situation in Israel. Please pray for HFI as we always try to bring accurate, trustworthy, and balanced information to our readers. In a world of technology that strongly influences us, we need to constantly be praying for wisdom and a critical mind that can be able to discern what is right in the eyes of the Lord and where we should align ourselves in the context of this very global world.

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