Violence in Samaria Continues

Another Israeli was murdered in a drive-by shooting near Jericho Monday evening, bring the total number of Israeli terror victims this year to 14. The victim was a American-Israeli dual citizen, who immigrated to Israel to serve in the IDF and afterwards returned to the US to complete his university degree. He was visiting Israel for the wedding of a friend when he was shot. The terrorist went on to shoot at two other Israeli cars (fortunately without any casualties) before being apprehending by Israeli police. He escaped, and security forces are still searching for him, as well as for the terrorist who murdered two brothers Sunday evening.

An additional shooting was reported in another area of Samaria, which did not result in any casualties.

Confrontation between the IDF and settlers continues, following Sunday’s violent rioting in the Palestinian village of Hawara. In one nasty incident Monday evening, a settler in a car appeared to try to ram an IDF officer. Soldiers shot at the car’s tires but were unsuccessful in stopping the vehicle.

Please pray for comfort for the murdered young man’s family and friends. Please continue to pray for Israeli unity in the face of the external threat of Palestinian terror, and for the safety of Israeli security forces. Lastly, please pray for an immediate cessation of attacks and a restoration of calm in Judea and Samaria.

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