US and Iran Poised for New Nuclear Deal, Israel Concerned

Rumors of a new “nuclear deal” between the US Biden Administration and Tehran have been circulating for several months, and this week, more conclusive details emerged. According to insider reports, the deal would prevent Iran from enriching uranium past its current 60% as well as requiring it to release several American citizens currently in custody. In return, the US promises to lift several crippling sanctions and refrain from seizing Iranian oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.

This agreement is just one of several calculated moves that Tehran has made in the preceding months and weeks. Others include repairing bilateral relations with Syria, hosting delegations from terrorist proxy groups such as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hizballah, and a current trip by President Ebrahim Raisi to a number of South American countries such as Cuba and Venezuela. Iran is playing a careful game of chess, on the one hand making promises to US President Biden and on the other, extending its tendrils throughout the Middle East and beyond.

Israeli PM Bejamin Netanyahu reiterated this week his government’s commitment to Israel’s national security, regardless of “nuclear deals” between the US and Iran.

Please continue to pray for wisdom and caution for Israeli and western leaders in handling Iran. Please also continue to pray for Israel’s national security.

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