Urgent Prayer Needed

Several serious attacks have hit Jerusalem and other regions in Israel starting Tuesday morning. The first stabbing was reported in a central Israel city of Ra’anana. A 22-year old from East Jerusalem attacked a 32-year old man at a bus stop lightly wounding him. The attacker was neutralized. Soon after, two simultaneous attacks happened in Jerusalem. A stabbing and shooting attack on a bus in a East Talpiot neighborhood. Two terrorist carried out the attack, one was killed, the other wounded and captured.

*In a separate attack on Malkei Israel Street in the capital, police said that a driver rammed his car into a bus stop, got out of his car and began stabbing pedestrians. Police said that they neutralized the attacker. Four people were wounded in the attack. Three victims have been killed and another 17 wounded in the simultaneous attacks in Jerusalem this morning.

The attack came shortly after another stabbing attack in the central Israeli city of Ra’anana. In that attack, four people were wounded, at least one seriously, another moderately, the other two lightly wounded and the terrorist was apprehended by passersby.

*According to Jerusalem post: http://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/Initial-report-Stabbing-attack-in-Jeruaslem-terrorist-subdued-423793

Certain roads into Jerusalem from particular Arab villages have been closed off.

Please we ask for urgent prayer. The city of Jerusalem is in chaos and Israelis across the country are in fear over the events of this past week. It seems that today’s attacks could have been planned. News and updates are still coming in. We know that God is in control. Please pray for the peace and healing of this nation who is being strongly attacked. We need the prayers, support and strength of the nations who stand for Israel.

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