Upcoming Rosh Hashanah Project

Come the eve of September 13, all the families in Israel will be gathering together for a festive meal with sweets to celebrate the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah (literally meaning ‘the head of the year’). Yet, our hearts go out to the families that are unable to host or contribute to such celebrations strictly because of financial restraints. We want every family to start out the New Year with joy and happiness, rather than a reminder of the hardships. The staff at Hope for Israel regularly prays for the Rosh Hashanah project that we do every year with hopes that we can bless as many families as possible. Please join us in prayer that God would meet every need for each family that needs help during the holiday season, even the ones that we are unable to reach. We pray that God will use us in a powerful way to touch the lives of Israel families across the country.

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