Unemployment Rises Sharply in One Day

Today, 2,130 unemployed workers filed for unemployment benefits. The first full day that Israel is emerging from the recent lockdown saw many employees fired. This brings the total number of unemployed in Israel to over 178,000 people. Israel’s unpaid leave program, which pays up to 70% of an employee’s wages, has been many people’s saving grace this past year. Some 136,000 Israelis receive unpaid leave, which has been approved until June. We are hopeful that the country can open by then, paving the way for people to find new jobs. It will take a long time, however, for Israel’s economy to recover from the blow that the pandemic dealt in 2020. Please continue to pray for provision for Israelis of all backgrounds! Please also pray for wisdom for Israel’s governing officials as they continue to face tough decisions about emerging from lockdown.

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