Un vote on Palestinian resolution

Monday night, the Arab League endorsed a resolution that calls for a Palestinian State with east Jerusalem and the territories, as well as full withdraw of Israeli presence to the pre-1967 borders. It is unclear when the resolution will be put to a vote. It needs the support of 9 votes from the members of the UN Security Council to pass. However, the US has said that it will not support this resolution and will use its veto power if need be. The resolution does not take into consideration Israel’s security concerns and therefore will not be accepted. This is just another way that the Palestinian leadership is taking the cause to the international community, rather than directly to the Israeli government. For close to a year the negotiations between Israel and Palestinian Authority have been at a standstill. Neither side see a partner for negotiations. Please be praying for this entire process and that the leaders of the international community will seek wisdom and discernment in this issue.

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