UN Human Rights Council Meeting on Israel

The UNHRC is convening today specifically over human rights issues surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For many years now, Israel has been the target of accusations and vilification by this UN body. So much so that Israel is the only country that receives such reports of human rights violations that other countries like Syria, Iran, Russia, China, and others are almost entirely ignored. This is a complete double standard and is anti-Semitic at its core. It is not that Israel is seeking an exemption for taking responsibility for its actions, but this should be weighed in balance with the rest of the world. Please pray for the men and women on the floor at the UNHRC assembly will be able to see the truth about Israel. Pray for those who are standing to defend Israel and bring to light all of the facts and stories surrounding this complex situation. Pray, as always, for wisdom and truth to be revealed.

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