UN Hosts “Nakhba Day” Event

Monday afternoon the UN will sponsor an event for its member nations in honor of “Nakhba Day.” “Nakhba” means “disaster” in Arabic and refers to Israel’s Independence Day, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs fled from the newly declared State of Israel. Palestinian propaganda, including that of associated UN agencies, portrays Israel as the guilty party in this tragedy. (In fact, attacking Arab armies were largely responsible, using fear tactics to drive the Palestinian Arabs from their homes.)

Israeli envoy to the UN Gilad Erdan called the event, which will host Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, a “blatant attempt to distort history.” Erdan has spent the past weeks campaigning to boycott the event and said that he succeeded in convincing several other member nations to avoid the anti-Israel event.

Only last week, US representative Rashida Tlaib attempted to host a similar official event at the House of Representatives. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy blocked the event, although a loophole later allowed Tlaib to move forward with the event in another venue.

Please pray for historical truth in the halls of the UN, and throughout the international community! Please pray for Israeli ambassador Erdan as he fights for Israel in the UN. Lastly, let us offer thanks for staunch support of Israel in Congress!

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