UN Erases Jewish Ties to Temple Mount

The United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution 129-11, which blatantly ignores Jewish historical ties to the Temple Mount. The resolution only refers to the site by its Muslim name, “al-Haram al-Sharif”. The so-called “Jerusalem Resolution” recognizes only Muslim ties to the site, despite the historical fact that both Temples stood on the site centuries before the current mosque was constructed. This is very concerning because it further alienates recognition of the Jewish people’s historic ties to the land. The United States opposed the measure, and said that not including inclusive terminology for the site sacred to three faiths was of “real and serious concern.” Please pray that as Israel becomes more isolated politically, individuals will have the courage to stand up for Israel and God’s heart for this nation. Please also pray that God’s spirit will strengthen the Jewish people as we know times will grow more difficult before they get better.

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