Thank You! — September 2023

Shalom from Jerusalem,

Looking back at Rosh HaShana, we want to take a moment to extend our thanks to you, for your generous support of Operation Hesed! Operation Hesed biannually makes a difference in the lives of hundreds of Israeli families in need through grocery vouchers which open the door for them to celebrate two important holidays – Passover and Rosh HaShana – without worry!

The Jewish New Year, or Rosh HaShana, is one of the most special times in the Jewish year and is traditionally a time spent with family around a festive and elaborate meal, including foods such as fish, pomegranates, and apples with honey. Affording a festive and filling meal is a crucial part of appreciating this special festival.

This year, Hope for Israel sponsored 411 families through Operation Hesed Rosh HaShana 2023, including single-parent families, and 5 lone soldiers (who have no immediate family in Israel); we already received many encouraging testimonies as we delivered the gift cards to their recipients!

After receiving the voucher, a lone soldier wrote our soldiers’ coordinator,

“I just received the package [with the gift card] and wanted to say thank you so much for your incredible work! It’s not taken for granted, thank you!”

For us as a team, as we sit down to our own festive meals, it is heartwarming to think that over 400 families have been given the opportunity to celebrate this beautiful Biblical holiday likewise. We hope and pray that through this gift they will feel God’s love for them!

This work is possible largely thanks to your generosity! Thank you for helping us to bless and invest in Israeli families in need and we pray that you would be blessed in return.

Thank you for entrusting your offering to Hope for Israel. Your partnership means a great deal to me, my team, and the many people who are blessed by the ministry’s work. May we continue to be a light and a blessing to Israeli families!

In His Service,
       Moran Rosenblit
        Founder & Executive Director
        Hope for Israel

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