Thank You! — November 2022

Shalom from Jerusalem,

I am very grateful for your partnership in providing support for believing students in Israel.

We believe that investing in the young believers of the nation is an investment towards the future success of Israel. To that end, our Scholarship and Mentoring program offers practical and emotional support to believing Israeli students who are earning a degree. In addition to offering scholarships, we also host quarterly workshops to equip the students for academic success in practical ways.

This year, we opened the program with a spirited meeting in our Jerusalem offices. In addition to tasty refreshments and time for fellowship, we engaged the students with an ice-breaker game so they could get to know one another better. We also introduced the new volunteer requirement that each recipient will need to commit to over the course of the year.

The managing director of the program, Tigist, spoke about the importance of strengthening soft skills such as effective communication, problem solving, teamwork, time management, and critical thinking. Moran challenged the students to really think about how their presence on campus and their interactions with fellow students and professors can be a godly example; to be people of action; and to be motivated by love for God.

We received some encouraging feedback from a new student in the program:

It was great finally meeting you today! Thank you for all the effort you put into making it happen and the little present. It was perfect! Looking forward to also getting a chance to give back for such an amazing blessing the Student Hope scholarship is.           

You are a significant part of our work! Thank you for entrusting your offering to Hope for Israel. Your partnership means a great deal to me, my team, and the many people who are blessed by the ministry’s work. May we continue to be a light and a blessing to the future generation in Israel!

In His Service,
       Moran Rosenblit
        Founder & Executive Director
        Hope for Israel

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