Thank You! — March 2023

Shalom from Jerusalem,

On March 3rd Hope for Israel (HFI) held a bi-annual meeting for all the believing university students who are currently receiving scholarships from the ministry. This meeting has been a part of HFI’s scholarship program already for several years, and we see it as an important opportunity to offer support and professional training, to touch base with the believing students, and for them to connect with each other.

This year, since the students are part of a pilot program where they are asked to volunteer for HFI as one of the criteria to receiving financial aid, it was especially critical to check in with them. We believe that volunteering fosters an understanding of the importance of giving back to the community. The volunteering can take many forms such as serving as leaders of HFI’s believing youth group, NerYah, or supporting HFI’s media team.

16 students came from colleges and universities all over Israel, from Beer Sheva to Haifa. It was a blessed time of fellowship! Tigist shared an encouraging message about giving, we shared a meal, and certificates of appreciation were presented to the believing students we feel have stood out in their contribution to HFI this year.

One of our students shared with us this testimony from her experience of the meeting:

“I felt very encouraged by the last students’ meeting. The atmosphere… [was one] of warmth and unity. Tigist’s teaching touched my heart, and there was time to catch up with other students and to be encouraged by each other’s presence. I was also very touched by the certificates of appreciation! It gave us all the feeling that what we are doing is seen and appreciated.”

Thank you for entrusting your offering to Hope for Israel. Your partnership means a great deal to me, my team, and the many people who are blessed by the ministry’s work. May we continue to be a light and a blessing to the future generation in Israel!

In His Service,
       Moran Rosenblit
        Founder & Executive Director
        Hope for Israel

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