Thank You! — February 2023

Shalom from Jerusalem,

HFI’s youth group, NerYah, recently hosted a worship night for Jerusalem’s believing youth in a prayer room in the Jerusalem city center. Two members of the Israeli worship initiative SOLU, who themselves are graduates of NerYah, came independently to lead the evening.

Dozens of believing teenagers came from all over the area to participate, and the atmosphere was incredible. It was a powerful evening for all, and the leaders were encouraged to see the heart of the youth, their openness, and their commitment to their faith.

This writer visited briefly, towards the end of the evening, and immediately was impressed by the warmth, unity and love which filled the space. The lights were dimmed, and believing teens and leaders sat grouped on the floor in prayer and discussion. The young believers were serious, caring, and vulnerable. It was clear that evening had touched them.

The evening fostered not only openness and discussion between the youth and the leaders, but also showed how much the youth care for one another. One group of three girls sat together, and as one of them began to cry, the other two hugged and encouraged her.

A screen showed the words, “A step of faith…: no to the world, yes to Yeshua,” with the words from the book of Joshua, “Be Strong and Courageous,” or in Hebrew, “Hizku ve’Imtzu!”

NerYah is making a difference in the lives of the believing youth of Jerusalem! We continue to be impressed by the work that God is doing through this group and its wonderful team of leaders. This evening, led by young adults who themselves were once part of NerYah, and attended by so many younger believers from the area, was a wonderful example of the group’s impact.

It is thanks to you that we are able to continue to offer this kind of event!

Thank you for entrusting your offering to Hope for Israel. Your partnership means a great deal to me, my team, and the many people who are blessed by the ministry’s work. May we continue to be a light and a blessing to the future generation in Israel!

In His Service,
       Moran Rosenblit
        Founder & Executive Director
        Hope for Israel

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