Two Stabbings Sunday Morning in Jerusalem

Sunday morning there were two stabbings within a couple hours from each other. The first attack took place near the Damascus Gate in the Old City when a Palestinian man from Nablus charged two border policemen with a knife. He stabbed one in the neck before he was shot and killed by other officers. Two hours later, a foreign worker from Nepal was stabbed in the back on a bus in Jerusalem. Before she knew what was happening, the attacker ran off. He was soon captured and identified as a 17-year old Palestinian boy who admitted he was assailant. This is now the second victim of a terrorist attack that is not a native Israeli. She was sitting on the bus listening to her music and suddenly stabbed. This is a reality that can be frightening and disturbing for the Israeli people who feel they could be a target at any time. This must stop and yet officials are unsure of how to prevent these “lone-wolf” attacks. Please pray for an end to this violence and protection for the Israeli public in every corner of the nation, especially in her capital of Jerusalem.

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