Two Firefighters Killed in Rescue Attempt

In a tragic and irregular incident, two firefighters were killed during a rescue operation near the northern village of Deir al-Assad. The firefighters responded to a call that a local (illegal) worker had fallen into a 8-meter-deep pit. The sequence of events is still unclear, but initial reports suggest that gas from decomposing garbage at the pit’s bottom caused the worker and subsequently the firefighters to suffocate. An investigation is ongoing into the incident.

Police interrogated the employer of the worker who fell and are working to put the pieces together. The two firefighters are survived by their families.

Please pray firstly for comfort for the families who lost their loved ones. Please pray for those conducting the inquiry for conclusive understanding of what caused the incident. Lastly, please pray for additional protocol to be set in place for the protection of first responders in future such incidents.

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