Two Consequential Knesset Votes

The Knesset is expected to pass a bill designed to weaken a mechanism of the Supreme Court known as the “unreasonableness clause.”  Using this mechanism, deemed by many too subjective, the court can strike down legislation deemed “extremely unreasonable.” The protest movement against judicial reform warned that the vote would be met by a “Day of Resistance” throughout Israel. This type of protest – during which protesters block major highways and attempt to blockade the airport – causes significant discomfort for many Israelis.

A second vote which occurred Sunday pertains to Israel’s policy regarding Judea and Samaria. Israel’s cabinet, comprised of PM Netanyahu and other senior government ministers, voted to prop up the flailing Palestinian Authority (PA). For reference, the PA’s recent failure to exert control over northern Samaria helped to create an environment in which terror flourished. In response, Israel executed its largest military operation in the area in 20 years to eradicate terror infrastructure.

Moving forward, the Israeli government clearly sees the PA as a necessary (although possibly not ideal) partner in maintaining a status quo of law and order in Judea and Samaria. The bill simultaneously stated Israel’s opposition to certain PA policies, including paying terrorists and badmouthing Israel on the international stage.

Please pray for wisdom for Israel’s leaders as they navigate policy decisions with complex and often unforeseeable results. Please also continue to pray for unity and security for Israel’s people in the face of the division caused by the judicial reform. Lastly, please pray that lasting deterrence would be established in Judea and Samaria.

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