Two Attacks on Sunday

Sunday morning, an Israeli was stabbed in Gush Etzion after his car was pelted with stones, one hitting him in the head causing him to pull over and get out of the car. The attacker approached him disguised as an ultra-orthodox before stabbing him. The man was is being treated in the hospital with moderate wounds. Please pray for his full recovery and for the security forces to bring to justice the attacker. This tactic of stone throwing following by a knife attack has become used now a few times. Please pray against the schemes of the enemy.

A few hours later, in Hebron, a woman was acting suspiciously outside of the Cave of the Patriarchs. She was waiting to enter into the holy site when she was asked for her ID. She pulled out a knife instead and started charging the police and yelling. The security officers shot the woman before she was able to injure anyone.

We ask for continued prayer for wisdom and protection from God as Israel continues to try to defend herself and curb this violence.

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