This Week in Israel — March 8, 2018

Helping Jews Return to Israel
A recent report from the Associated Press indicates that Israel's Christian allies now fund about a third of all immigrants moving to the country. That's a huge testimony to Israel that loving Yeshua means loving Israel! Now we just need to pray that Jewish believers in Yeshua will no longer be restricted by the government from immigrating to Israel.

The War on Terror
PA President Mahmoud Abbas authorized the 2018 PA budget on Sunday. The 2018 budget increases the money given to terrorists and their families to $56 million more than they gave in last year’s budget (now amounting to $403 million for 2018). In response, 2 important laws were passed in the Knesset this week in pursuit of discouraging terrorism in Israel. One grants police the authority to hold terrorists’ bodies when there is concern that a funeral procession will be used as a platform to promote terrorism. Another law authorized the Minister of the Interior to revoke permanent residency status over involvement in terrorism. Please pray for effectiveness for these new laws and for discernment among those who will be deciding when and how to enforce them.

Netanyahu in the US
In the US this week, Netanyahu met with US President Donald Trump on Monday, and delievered a speech at AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) on Tuesday. Both his visit with the US President and his time at AIPAC provided excellent opportunities to rally support for Israel and to bring greater clarity to key issues affecting security in the region. To see an especially powerful excerpt from Netanyahu’s speech at the AIPAC conference, click here.

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