This Week in Israel — March 22, 2018

Flights over Saudi Arabia
It may come as no surprise that the birthplace of Islam (Saudi Arabia) has, until now, not permitted flights in its airspace coming from or going to Israel. In an historic policy shift, Saudi Arabia has permitted one airline to fly between Israel and India. This is huge as Arab nations in general have made quite the effort to oppose Israel in any possible way. The new flight route shortens the travel time between Israel and India by 2 hours, meaning cheaper flights and increased tourism to Israel from India. This policy shift is definitely something to celebrate while continuing to pray for better relations between Israel and her neighbors in the Middle East.

Operation Orchard
Until yesterday, there was a gag order on the details of an operation known as Operation Orchard, in which Israel took out a nuclear reactor in Syria back in 2007. This new intelligence report confirms rumors published back in 2012 that remained unconfirmed until now. It is believed that this critical and strategic move on behalf of Israel was key in stopping Syria from launching an offensive against Israel.

Embassy Move
In the latest reports on the American embassy move, it seems a number of zoning concerns are being waived in order to open the embassy by May as planned. At the present moment it appears that the embassy move is continuing on schedule.

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