This Week in Israel — January 25th, 2018

The Visit of US Vice President Mike Pence
This past week saw the welcome arrival of US Vice president Mike Pence, who made clear the US support of Israel. During his time here, he spoke in the parliament and visited a number of key sites such as the Western Wall and the Holocaust Memorial Museum. His recognition of the truth was unwavering regarding Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the place of the Jewish people in this land.

Limiting the term of service for the Prime Minister
This past week, legislation was rejected that was aimed at limiting the Prime Minister’s term of service in office to two terms. In the notes of the proposed law, it was asserted that this legislation was intended to avoid the Prime Minister’s office from turning into a kind of monarchy. Although the absence of a restriction on maximum term of service is not unknown in parliamentary government (take the UK for instance), such a limit does seem necessary to many in Israel in order to bring balance to the policies of Israel as well as to decrease the likelihood of ongoing corruption for any single leader.

Winter Olympics
The Winter Olympics are coming up soon (February 9th to 25th) and Israel’s ready with 10 outstanding athletes to join the competitions. Updates will be posted on our Facebook page when the games begin in about 3 weeks, so check out our Facebook page today! (click here to visit our Facebook page)

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