This Week in Israel — February 8, 2018

Anti-BDS bill set to pass in Ohio
12 states in the United States, including Ohio, have now introduced anti-BDS legislation to their Senate. The current legislation in Ohio has gone to a vote in the Ohio Senate and is expected to pass.

Tensions with Lebanon
Hezbollah is especially active along Israel’s northern border at this time. An absence of support in reducing Hezbollah’s influence in the region could result in another war between Israel and Lebanon in the foreseeable future, so tensions are high between the two nations. Lebanon is also claiming rights to natural gas reserves that Israel is currently developing in the Mediterranean Sea. Disputes over rights to these gas reserves is yet another source of tension between the nations.

The Israeli Embassy in Jordan
The work of reopening the Israeli Embassy in Jordan began about 10 days ago. This past week, Middle East specialist Amir Weissbrod was appointed as Jerusalem’s next envoy to Jordan. The reopening of this embassy is key in furthering peace efforts between Jordan and Israel in the months and years to come.

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