Tunnels from Gaza

More attention has been drawn recently to the tunnel activity taking place in Gaza. Hamas has recruited over 1,000 operatives to work on developing the vast underground tunnel system. There are several purposes for the tunnels, one is smuggling in major goods and people in and out of Egypt, but another is to penetrate into Israeli territory. We remember well that these tunnels were used in the war with Gaza in 2014 to sneak Hamas fighters into southern Israel to attack, kill and/or kidnap soldiers and residents of nearby Israeli homes. Since that time, Hamas has continued to build and develop this underground system, causing concern for a future war and stirring up serious problem for Egypt. Please pray for wisdom and insight for the Israeli and Egyptian intelligence that are both working to prevent any terrorist activity from coming from the Gaza Strip through these tunnels. Please pray for protection and God’s watchful covering over Israel, especially residents living nearby in southern Israel.

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