Tug-of-War over Iranian Weapons in Syria

Over the last several months numerous airstrikes in Syria have been attributed to the Israeli Air Force, which has remained silent on the issue. According to a recent report from an unnamed US ally, Iran is reportedly trying to turn Syria into another Lebanon-style base for its militant proxies, and Israel was indeed involved in thwarting their attempts. One Israeli media outlet reported that they have repeatedly tried to build a high-level missile system in Syria, only to have it decimated by the IAF. The repeated sabotage of this project reportedly cost the Iranians millions of dollars and resulted in the deaths of several Iranian engineers.

Netanyahu’s new government has repeatedly stressed the seriousness of the Iranian threat in the 11 days since it took office and has declared the intention of pursuing increased cooperation with the United States on this issue during its tenure.

Please pray for continued wisdom for Israeli leaders in meeting the Iranian threat. Please pray for increased awareness and cooperation on an international level against Iran’s nuclear and terrorist ambitions. Lastly, please pray for freedom for the citizens of Iran and Syria, many of whom desire peace.

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