Tribute to Recent Victims of Terror

Tomorrow night, Israel will recognize the beginning of its Memorial Day, which is not only in memory of its fallen soldiers, but also of those murdered in acts of terrorism. Since Israel’s foundation, 3,198 Israelis and foreign visitors have lost their lives to Arab or Palestinian terror.

Six separate terrorist attacks are responsible for the deaths of 18 Israelis and foreign visitors since January 2023 alone. These and other attacks also wounded additional innocent civilians. Among the casualties this year were five minors (including two children under 10) and two foreign nationals. These people were all innocent civilians whose only crime was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The perpetrators murdered indiscriminately, without regard for race, age or belief.

While many times we focus on our fallen soldiers, it is important also to recognize those civilians who have lost their lives for being Israeli.

Thank God for the lives of these individuals, who will not be forgotten! And thank God that we serve a God who executes justice. Please continue to pray for comfort and healing for the families of the victims and for full recovery for those injured.

“May the All-Merciful One shelter them with the cover of His wings forever.” – El Maleh Rahamim prayer

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