Trends of Anti-Semitism in 2022

The World Zionist Organization released their annual report on anti-Semitism Tuesday. They found that while anti-Semitic incidents in the United States and Europe have continued to increase at an alarming rate throughout 2022, the yearly increase in incidents was slightly less than it had been in 2021. Although anti-Semitism continues to be higher in Europe than in the US, the US experienced a much higher rate of increase in incidents than Europe in 2022. On average, the report found that around 10 anti-Semitic incidents happened per day in 2022.

WZO also reported that many Europeans believe the Russia-Ukraine war to be partially responsible for the uptick in anti-Semitism this year, with one anti-Semitic site claiming that Jews started the war for their own profit. Another significant cause of hateful rhetoric towards Jews and specifically, towards Israel, continues to be the BDS Movement, which promotes the Palestinian narrative and encourages boycotting Israeli goods.

Please pray for the safety of Jewish communities worldwide. Please pray for Aliyah (immigration of international Jews to Israel). Lastly, please pray for the spread of correct information about Israel and about Judaism!

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