Top Israeli Food Producer Postpones Price Surge

Osem, Israel’s top food producer, said it will not raise prices on its food due to outrage by the Israeli public. According to Israeli economists, government red tape, high import taxes, and plain old greed are some of the factors that have led to a wave of price hikes in Israel over recent months. The public has been outraged by this, especially in light of many families struggling to make ends meet from the economic fallout of the pandemic. Add to that the fact that Israelis pay 17% tax on all goods we buy – including food – the recent price hikes added insult to injury. COVID has also caused shipping prices to increase all over the world, the cost of which is passed on to consumers. Please pray that the government will find creative ways to bring down the cost of living in Israel while creating a thriving economic environment. Please also pray for the many families struggling to make ends meet. Lastly, please pray that Israelis will help one another in these trying times, and that those who have more will be generous with those who have less.

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