Three separate attacks on Sunday

Two separate shooting attacks occurred yesterday in and near Hebron lightly wounding two soldiers. One woman cadet was on a tour with the army at the Cave of Patriarchs and was shot from a distance. Another soldier was wounded in a shooting at a checkpoint when a Palestinian opened up fire. Security forces are still searching for the individuals who carried out these two attacks. In a separate attack yesterday afternoon, a Palestinian teenager was arrested for attempting to stab an Israeli waiting at a bus stop in Jerusalem’s Armon Hanatziv neighborhood. The shooting marks an escalation in attacks against soldiers and civilians in Hebron, which prior have largely consisted of stabbings. Some military personnel have commented that they are expecting a significant escalation of violence in the Judea and Samaria regions. Please be in prayer specifically for this region of Judea and Samaria where in recent months the majority of attacks are being committed. We pray for the security forces who are working day and night to prevent attacks and properly deal with them if and when they occur. We pray for the root of this problem to be solved, that the light of God would change the hearts and minds of all of those who are drawn to darkness. We pray for government officials who need to address this issue on a social and political level.

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