Threats from Within and Outside of Israel

Israelis live in constant tension of threats from within her borders and the neighbors surrounding her. Enemies of Israel stand at every corner of the country with Hezbollah threatening the northern border, the war in Syria only miles away, and the constant threat of surprise attacks by Hamas from Gaza and the Palestinian territories. Just beyond Israel’s borders, war and instability are wreaking havoc in almost every country surrounding Israel – Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and others. Yet, somehow, right in the middle of this chaos the tiny country of Israel remains protected and continues to thrive. It is amazing to think of the odds. We must pray without ceasing for the life and vitality of Israel and her people. Please pray for a hedge of protection on all borders and that the armies of God will defend this nation. Please also pray for the innocent lives of men, women, children and elderly who are subject to such horrendous outcomes of war and hatred spreading throughout the Middle East. May we intercede for a great harvest in the Muslim world.

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