Thousands March Towards Jerusalem in Protest

Thousands of Israelis set out from Tel Aviv Tuesday night, headed for Jerusalem in protest of the pending judicial reform. They were last seen near the Israeli city of Modi’in and intend to reach the Knesset building in Jerusalem Saturday night, ready to protest Sunday morning. The march is taking place during an extreme heat wave, forcing protesters to progress only in the mornings and evenings.

The vote in question is on a bill which, if passed, would nullify the “reasonableness clause” in most circumstances. The bill was readied in committee during a marathon session most of this week and is now ready for debates and a final vote in the Knesset plenum Sunday morning.

In parallel, Benny Gantz, a high-profile member of the opposition, stated that his party would be willing to support the bill if the coalition would pause the current race to legislate and return to compromise talks on the rest of the judicial reform. Unfortunately, the coalition did not respond to Gantz’ last-minute call for consensus.

Please pray for reconciliation and recognition of the urgent need for compromise. Please pray for safety for those marching towards Jerusalem. Lastly, please continue to pray for Israel’s overall internal and external security in the face of extreme unrest, military destabilization and growing terrorism in Judea and Samaria.

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