Thoughts on Iran

The rhetoric has reached new heights between Iran and Israel. Though this rhetoric has been tossed back and forth for a couple of years, it seems that people are sensing that the stakes are getting higher. Israel appears to be losing faith in the diplomatic track and sanctions that the US and Europe are attempting with Iran, while the US fears that Israel will act rashly. Iran just upgraded many of their weapons and has issued some clear warnings against any strike on its nuclear facilities.

While many are concerned about an upcoming war with Iran and what that would entail, we at Hope for Israel have also discussed the ramifications of a war with Iran, as it would affect us, as well as many of the youth and others we serve.

After returning from his trip to the United States, Moran pointed out some important questions we should be asking. First of all, the question about Iran and whether to go to war is not the important question in this pivotal time. The truly important questions are: Are you ready? What are you doing to prepare others in this time?

War is a serious venture that we should not take lightly. However, whether or not there is a war, the most important thing on our minds should be spiritual preparation, both of ourselves and of others. Often, many American Christians who are very supportive of Israel are also quite ready to see Israel jump into wars against her enemies. Though this is probably eventually necessary, many Israelis do not have the same zeal to run to battle due to the reality of the situation for us, and the understanding of the cost that this entails on both sides. This is not just a play station game where, if you make a wrong move, you get another chance or where the enemy is designed to look like evil incarnate. The truth is, war could mean the end to thousands of innocent lives, whether Israeli or Iranian. Ahmadinejad may seem to be the embodiment of evil to many, but it is actually Iranian civilians who would bear the greatest burden of a war and many of them do not even support their own evil dictator. In addition, many Israelis are not prepared mentally or, more importantly, spiritually for the cost of such a war.

In the end it will be God fighting the battle for Israel and eventually Israel will recognize Him in His fullness. Israelis tend to strive to accomplish God’s plan in their own efforts and then take the credit rather than give it to God, as occurred in the 1967 Six Day War. Ironically, this seems to have been a problem with the people of Israel even from their early experiences with God. In Exodus 14, when the Egyptians are chasing the fleeing Israelites, God tells Israel, “The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still” (14:14). Furthermore, when God renews His covenant with Israel, at Shechem, He reminds them that the only reason that all of the people groups were driven away was because of His deliverance and that they did not do this with their “own sword and bow” (Joshua 24:12).

For these reasons, believers everywhere should be preparing themselves to stand as a refuge and to provide answers and peace to others in the midst of great instability. Rather than getting caught up in all of the warmongering or conspiracy theories, let’s spend more time looking to the Prince of Peace and let His peace and His stability flow from us to those around us, giving us answers to offer the hurting societies that will be involved in any such conflict. Lets also prepare others to look to the real Savior for deliverance rather than to governments or even to armies. He can use the government or an army for His purpose, but we will be disappointed if we look to them as the source of security or salvation.

Please pray that:

  • Believers would begin to prepare for the times ahead, whatever they may hold, and would draw closer to God each day
  • Believers would be bold in their witness and also understand the urgency of preparing those around them for the unstable times ahead
  • God would miraculously intervene for the innocent civilians in both Israel and Iran and would protect those involved
  • God would bless the believers in both Israel and Iran and that people would be drawn to His Spirit that gives believers peace and stability
  • Leaders would be given wisdom and act with courage and understanding
  • God would help us, at Hope for Israel, to prepare the youth we are discipling, many of whom will be going into the IDF, for the upcoming spiritual and physical battles that they may have to fight

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