The following is a reprint of an article from our Summer 2013 newsletter.  Considering the recent developments in the Middle East, and the renewal of “peace” talks by Secretary of State John Kerry, we thought it important to offer our analysis of such events, and to equip believers in Yeshua in how to pray during these times.  The clock is ticking and His return grows closer every day!


By M. Rosenblit

The world loves to hate Israel.  This is not just an antiquated “woe is me”, feel-sorry- for-us complaint, but rather the truth.  This is evident in many areas of society today, and this sentiment often unites various groups who may otherwise have nothing in common.  From elitist academic institutions, to politicians, journalists, & professors, to people from all religions and all countries throughout the world, many people stand united against Israel.  In fact, no nation or people group has suffered so much falsehood and propaganda against it as the modern state of Israel.

Not only this, but Israel is constantly held to a double standard; a double standard is defined as “a set of principles that allows greater freedom to one person or group than another” (  Israel is often referred to as an apartheid state, where people are separated & treated solely based on racial ethnicity, and where white, Jewish people reign supreme.  Israel is also criticized for the way it handles attacks from Palestinians within its borders, often being blamed for using “disproportionate force” in retaliation, and torturing Palestinian terrorists. Not only are these allegations lies, based on fabricated ideas or concepts, but are also a type of slander against Israel.

Yet, these ideas run rampant throughout the world, with few reputable voices speaking the truth in support of Israel.  In a recent essay, Professor Michael Curtis wrote: For the last 50 years one of the familiar patterns of international behavior has been the application of double standards to the policies and practices of the State of Israel. Concepts of fairness or impartiality are rarely applied to the State, which is continually assaulted as a criminal state, the greatest violator of human rights, and the principal threat to world peace. (, June 18, 2013)

Regarding the criticism of how Israel has handled the problem of Palestinian “refugees”, author Eric Hoffer made a poignant and sobering observation: “The Jews are a peculiar people: Things permitted to other nations are forbidden to the Jews. Other nations drive out thousands, even millions of people, and there is no refugee problem. Other nations when victorious on the battlefield dictate peace terms. But when Israel is victorious it must sue for peace.”

The double standard extends outside Israel’s borders.  While dictator Bashar Assad continues to brutally murder his people in Syria, and violently squash the opposition against his regime, the world debates on whether it should even get involved.  When Israel strikes a chemical weapons transport from Syria to Lebanon, in order to keep such weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists, the world strongly condemns it.

Egypt is another example of this double standard.  Since the overthrowing of Egptian President Mubarak in 2011, the Muslim Brotherhood came into power, ruling with a tight adherence to Muslim law and tradition.  When the Egyptian government violently cracks down on the rising terrorism in the Sinai, they are applauded for it.  When Israel defends its borders in the south against terror attacks and rocket barrages from Gaza, the world condemns harshly, often citing the illogical “disproportionate force” argument.

Turkey has become one of Israel’s fiercest and most vocal opponents on the world’s stage.  The climax came in May 2010 when a Turkish NGO organized a “Free Gaza” Flotilla that was to illegally cross the Israeli embargo of Gaza.  The embargo (which adheres to international law) has been in place to prevent the smuggling of weapons into Gaza that will ultimately be used against Israel.  When Israeli Navy commandos boarded the ship that repeatedly defied orders to stop before crossing the “red line”, they were attacked and a fight ensued.  Unfortunately, several Turkish nationals died in the incident, sparking an international outrage against Israel.  Yet, this severe condemnation comes from a nation that has an abysmal record regarding its Kurdish “rebels”, whom it has been massacring for years.

On what are these double standards based? How can we explain the world’s hypocrisy? The obvious explanations are hatred and anti-Semitism.  Michael Curtis goes on to write in his essay that, “This is an attitude based on hatred, not one of tolerance for competing opinions.” (, June 18, 2013)  Indeed, a deep-rooted hatred of Jewish people goes back centuries, and continues to fester today in many hearts throughout the world.

But there is something much more than hatred at work here.  Indeed, there is a spiritual element that can only explain this perplexing lack of logic.  While it is very easy to become angry at the hypocrisy and the double standard placed on Israel, as believers in Messiah, we must recognize that God is setting the stage for the ultimate showdown between His Son and Satan.  And Israel is very much a part of that final battle!

While the Holy Spirit is removing the veil from the eyes of many believers throughout the world regarding Israel, there still remain many people – believers and non-believers alike – who are blinded to His plan of redemption through Israel.  The prophets wrote of the end of days, when all nations would be gathered against Jerusalem, setting the stage for the final battle.  This can only happen, my brothers and sisters, if Israel is despised and hated by the world.  Otherwise, there would be no impetus to rise against her.

This does not mean, however, that we remain silent about the truth!  We are to speak the truth in love, defending Israel’s right to exist and right to defend itself.  No country in the world has been asked to compromise in the name of “peace” to the point of sacrificing its very existence, as Israel has.  Despite the unfairness, however, we know the end of the story; He will ultimately be Israel’s Defender & Salvation, and her Messiah will return to rule from the New Jerusalem, where we will all worship together forever.

As believers in Yeshua, we must decide which side we are on – God’s or the World’s; we cannot choose both.


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