The Holiday of Shavuot

The holiday of Shavuot (sometimes known as Pentecost) will enter on Thursday night across Israel. Shavuot celebrates the giving of the Torah (and for believers, the giving of the Holy Spirit). Shavuot is also one of the three Biblical pilgrimage festivals (the other two are Passover and Sukkot), meaning that many families will choose to spend the holiday in Jerusalem. Most families will also celebrate with a dairy meal, studying the Torah, and hearing the Ten Commandments read aloud in synagogue. The weekly Shabbat, Friday evening and Saturday, follows directly after the holiday.

Israel has recently experienced a serious round of fighting with terror groups in the Gaza Strip, as well as a protracted wave of terror attacks. A holiday could be seen as an opportunity for an escalation of violence, or for terror attacks.

Please pray for a safe and peaceful holiday and Shabbat for Israelis and for Jews everywhere. Please also pray for God’s revelation of His Messiah to His people on this day!

Happy Shavuot!

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