January 2017

Shalom & greetings to you from Jerusalem in this new year!

With your help, we were able to finish the year strong, which will allow us to begin 2017 even stronger, and to respond to the many needs that we have here in Israel.

No doubt 2016 held many challenges, but with your partnership, we were able to face them with strength!

On a more personal note, our staff went through some big changes: two of our staff members took maternity leave, one of our two primary youth leaders moved to part time as he began his studies at university, and our business manager faced some challenging physical injuries. There were times when we had triple the amount of work, but looking back, I’m confident that it was worth it as I recount the blessings of 2016.

All of the challenges brought us to a deeper dependence on the Lᴏʀᴅ, but also allowed us to send off some of our team to new ventures with a blessing, while adding new team members to our family.

Our discipleship outreach via our three-fold vision – investing in our youth, our believing soldiers, and granting scholarships to young adults for university studies – has grown tremendously as well! I am very excited to see how He will continue to expand our reach in this area, and believe we will touch more lives than ever in the coming year.

In times when the world is turning against Israel, I am truly grateful that you are standing with us, as both Israel and Hope for Israel are moving forward into 2017!

May the Lᴏʀᴅ grow and prosper your vision for a great year ahead!

Thank you from Jerusalem,


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