Terrorism in Judea and Samaria

Terrorism is, by nature, unpredictable. Yesterday, June 6, a Palestinian terrorist shot at the passing car of a Jewish settler, shattering his window and causing minor injury. This incident is only the latest in a series of shooting attacks this spring, which have taken the lives of 18 Israeli civilians to date. It was the fourth terror attack in the same village this year and followed on the heels of a tragic shooting last week which left one Israeli dead. The man injured in the attack yesterday received medical attention and IDF forces are currently searching for the terrorist.

These attacks continue in Judea and Samaria despite an ongoing IDF policy of pre-emptive arrests in the area. They make day-to-day life for the residents of Judea and Samaria tense; it is impossible to know where the next attack will take place.

Following the last two attacks, the head of the Samarian regional council, Yossi Dagan, blamed the spate of attacks on the reduced number of manned guard posts in the area. While Dagan’s claim is legitimate, the IDF often simply does not have the necessary manpower to fill all the guard posts; soldiers are often severely overworked as it is.

Please pray for protection over those living and working in Judea and Samaria, both civilians and security forces. Please pray for wisdom for the IDF to counter the threat of terror attacks. Lastly, please pray for increased military manpower in the area to increase security and reduce the burden on individual soldiers.

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