Tensions with Hizballah Continue to Rise

Israel’s northern border has heated up in recent months as the Lebanese terror organization Hizballah instigated various provocations. A high-level security meeting this week, attended by the prime minister, defense minister and security personnel, concluded that the chance of war on the northern border is the highest since 2006 (when the Second Lebanese War erupted).

During the spring, terrorists in southern Lebanon (and Syria) shot rockets at northern Israel, an extremely rare incident. Around the same time, a terrorist successfully crossed dozens of kilometers into Israeli territory and detonated a roadside bomb which injured one Israeli. In a third, and still open, incident, terror operatives infiltrated a disputed area on Israel’s border with Lebanon and set up a camp there. Israel was reluctant to remove the terrorists by force and its attempts to negotiate their withdrawal has so far proved ineffective.

Additional provocations include flag burnings, extensive military demonstrations, and placing Hizballah symbols in contested parts of the border. Hizballah’s rhetoric continues to become more outspoken against Israel as the terror group attempts to consolidate power in southern Lebanon.

Please pray for wisdom for Israeli officials to handle this situation. Please pray for soldiers and civilians on the northern border for safety. Lastly, please pray for military and political stability in Lebanon, which could rein in terror groups such as Hizballah.

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