Surge in Tensions Overnight

After the murder of the Israeli couple on Thursday night a surge of revenge and counter attacks took place in different regions of Judea and Samaria. A car was set on fire and the sentence, “Revenge, Henkin” was graffitied on a house near Ramallah. Israelis pelted stones at oncoming cars, injuring a Palestinian commander at a junction near Nablus, sending him to the hospital. These type of revenge attacks have occurred many times before and often leads to more and more tension between the Arabs and Israelis, particularly those that live in Jewish settlements near Arab villages. Please pray for the hearts and minds of Israelis and Arabs. This cycle of violence proves only to lead to more terror and hatred. We pray for protection for all of the innocent who get caught in the crosshairs of this horrible scene. We seek God’s intervention to bring His peace into this nation.

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