Strengthening Community 2008

In the months leading up to the IDF’s military operation, “Operation Cast Lead” in December 2008, southern Israel experienced multiple rocket attacks almost daily. The immense weight of not knowing when or where the next rocket would fall took its toll both emotionally and physically for the Israeli citizens in that area. When visiting a community bordering the Gaza Strip, Moran felt a heaviness that weighed on him; he noticed that no one was walking outside, children were not playing on playgrounds, and people in general stayed indoors close to shelters, or in their cars to get to where they needed as quickly as possible.

After consulting with the leadership of this community, we at Hope for Israel decided to sponsor a long weekend for the entire community at the Sea of Galilee. It was an immensely fruitful experience for everyone! They were encouraged and refreshed by some peace and quiet, and were so grateful that their children could run and play outside freely, without fear of when the next siren would warn of an incoming rocket. In short, this community experienced a glimpse of some normalcy after years of suffering from constant attacks by Hamas in Gaza.

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