Standoff in Sheikh Jarrah

Israeli police are in a standoff with Arab residents of East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. A long-standing property dispute between Jewish and Arab owners & residents have caused much tension in the Israeli capital for years. This week, Palestinian resident, Mohammed Salhiya, barricaded himself on the roof of his home, and reportedly threatened to set himself on fire if the eviction order from the East Jerusalem neighborhood was carried out. Salhiya’s family has been facing an eviction threat since 2017. The issue of lawful ownership of the land in that neighborhood goes back to the time Israel re-took control of Jerusalem in 1967. The land was under Jewish ownership prior to 1947, when the modern State of Israel was born. Then, the Jordanians illegally occupied the land and built homes for numerous Arab families, many of whom are still living there today. The problem is that they live there rent-free and do not hold any property deeds to the land. Yet, evicting them has become an international political powder keg. Please pray for a peaceful resolution to this difficult reality. Please also pray for wisdom for Israeli police and government negotiators as they navigate this sensitive issue.

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