Small Business Owners Burn Goods in Protest

Dozens of small business owners demonstrated in Tel Aviv on Thursday, protesting against lockdown restrictions they say have caused their financial ruin. Some burned their stock in the streets, while others stopped traffic to protest what they say are unfair lockdown rules. So many small businesses have gone out of business in this second lockdown, and many more are expected to close their doors for good. “What we see here is anger and despair,” said Roee Cohen, president of Israel Federation of Small Business Organizations. “People are seeing their life’s work crumble before their eyes and the government fails to respond to their real needs,” he said. He also called on the government to allow business in green areas, with low morbidity, to operate. Please continue to pray for these business owners who have lost so much, and are struggling to survive this lockdown. Please pray for miraculous provision for them and their families. Please pray for a quick economic recovery for all of Israel in the coming year.

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