Six Attempted Terror Attacks on Sunday

Two terrorists open fire at police force near Damascus Gate late Sunday night; Palestinian woman tries to stab Border Policeman in Hebron, while 17-year-old Palestinian tries to stab troops near Jerusalem; Arab teen threatens Israeli woman with knife; two Palestinians open fire at troops near Jenin. Thankfully, in all of these incidents’ no Israelis were hurt in. Security forces shot three of the attackers dead. The attacks still continue on a daily basis, despite the fact that the general public tries to carry on as best as possible with their daily lives. It is unclear what will curb these attacks, if it requires a major move on the part of the Israeli government, or will it fade out to fester underneath the surface until the next trigger. Please pray for the nation of Israel and this conflict that continues to reap terror and darkness for far too long. We pray for God’s will to be manifest in this Land and that there will be a turning back to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for all of the inhabitants Jew and non-Jew.

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