Seven IDF Soldiers Injured in Routine Arrest Turned Ambush

In an unprecedented sequence of events Monday morning, the IDF employed a helicopter in Judea and Samaria for the first time in 20 years to rescue injured IDF soldiers.

Following the routine arrest of two Palestinian militants by IDF forces in the Palestinian city of Jenin, operatives planted several bombs on the IDF’s planned exit route from the city, which succeeded in surprising the soldiers. The ambush partially destroyed one of the IDF’s armored vehicles and wounded the seven Israeli soldiers inside.

The IDF immediately called up a military helicopter – an asset which Israel hasn’t used in the area in 20 years – to evacuate the injured soldiers. During the rescue process, the helicopter fired several missiles at Palestinian operatives in the area, another unprecedented event. Several other IDF vehicles remain trapped at the site of the ambush, and officials believe that extricating them could take some time.

During the operation, seven Israeli soldiers were wounded and over 30 Palestinian operatives were killed or injured. The unusual nature of the operation, which employed on both sides weapons which haven’t been used in decades, will likely cause an escalation in the region.

Please pray for healing for the injured Israeli soldiers and for their families. Please pray for protection over the IDF forces still trapped at the ambush site, and for security forces in the area in general. Lastly, please pray for security forces and leaders as they navigate the complex aftermath of this situation.

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