September 26, 2013

Rouhani Calls for Israel to Join Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons:  Rouhani, Iran’s newly elected leader, has called Israel to join the Treaty for Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, even though Israel has never claimed it has nuclear weapons.  Rouhani is now trying to turn Israel to be the villain in the showdown between Israel and Iran over Iran’s refusal to stop its nuclear program. He is currently on a PR tour trying to get the world to lighten its economic noose on Iran for the defiant regime’s push for nuclear weapons.  Please continue to pray that the world will not be fooled by Iran’s new leader, but will see through his antics as Iran inches closer to a nuclear weapon each day.  Please pray for Israel’s safety as Iran has clearly threatened “to wipe Israel off the map”.  For more, see Rouhani’s Game

Palestinian Youth Call for Intifada:  Calls for a renewed intifada (uprising) against Israel by Palestinians have culminated in a pamphlet distribution by Palestinian youth throughout the Judea & Samaria region & Gaza.  The pamphlet calls for a war against Israel to begin Friday, September 27th and to wreak havoc on the lives of Jews in Israel.  This comes at a time when tensions between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs are very high, and Israel is fighting a war throughout the world to protect itself from outside threats as well.  Please intercede for Israel in this hour, especially as the day approaches for this intifada to take place.  Please pray for God’s protection over Israel and for those of us who believe in Yeshua to be a light and encouragement to those around us who are in distress.  For more, see Intifada

Thank you for praying!  Shabbat shalom…

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team


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